Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The treatment; Danné

In this post, I would like to talk about Danné, the treatment I used in the BBC3 documentary "Dying for clear skin". Which has changed my life.
Link to the website:
Earlier this year my acne was at its worst. It wasn’t getting any better and the Doctors were not helping at all. No cream or drug could solve my problem. I tried everything; Benzyl Peroxide, 3 different tetracyclines, endless cream combinations. My skin just got dryer, crispier and spottier. I lost hope in Doctors at that point. I’d spend hours on the web researching treatments, never to be successful.
In April 2012 I found Danné and through the amazing help of the BBC, I was in contact with Susanne Williams. It was the biggest relief in my life when she said “No one leaves my clinic with acne”. And ever since that Susanne has kept to her word.
Come May, I headed down to Harley Street London on the train. The first time I visited, I felt scared, anxious and didn’t know what to expect, which is usual for someone first meeting someone that works on Harley Street. After visiting multiple times I now feel comfortable and homely to Susanne’s clinic. Susanne is a wonderful practitioner, there is not one thing that she doesn’t know about skin. I find it easy to talk to Susanne whilst at the clinic and we usually have a good chat. On a few occasions I’ve been tired from travelling, so I usually go to sleep for a good 40 minutes while Susanne does the treatment and I wake up feeling revived.
Using reverse osmosis and back-flushing the toxins from the skin back into the lymphatic drainage system, improving  blood circulation, helps with dry skin, hyper-pigmentation, acne and stretch marks. Enzymes are the most important part of the treatment, I saw results each time. Amazing effect. Usually left on the skin for 40 minutes.
After taking the enzymes off the skin, the capillaries dilate and new "cleaner" blood is brought to the skin, shown in this photo. This usually lasts 10-15 minutes after treatment, real science there.

Alkaline Wash:
A little harsher then the enzymes, but faster to do than the 40minute enzyme treatment. The product is left on the skin for a short 70 seconds and then is built up each week. It works to remove hair from the pores; thus stopping ingrown hairs, it removes dry skin, and works deep into the skin. This peel can leave you a little red if you are prone to being red, but the effects of the treatment are amazing, like the enzymes; results every time.
The laser isn't owned by Danné, but it is used within the treatment. It's my favourite treatment, just because it's pretty cool thinking about the laser being on your skin, zapping away. The zapping didn't hurt, just a little buzz on the skin. The best results came from this, killed bacteria deep in the skin, the laser worked well. Recommended to anyone. 
Scar revision: 
About 6 weeks ago, I started scar treatment for my scarring that's left over. Already effects have began, scars have almost disappeared. I am looking at my chest now as I type this and I had some pretty big scars, they've evened out. I noticed differences from scar treatment about 1 month after. Better each week. 
Using the pin roller, which hurts a lot at first, but then you get used to it believe me! Then proteins and other nutrients are put onto the skin, then ultra sound is used to pack the ingredients in. This encourages the skin to re-plump the scars out, evening out the skin. I'm almost there with the scarring, hopefully will be gone in the new year

I would recommend Danné to anyone who suffers with any type of acne; it will change you and your life for a fact.

If anyone would like me to post about the home products, please say and I will post about them, thank you :) Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Your results are quite insane, I've never had acne as bad as you but I haven't exactly been able to get rid of it, and I've been through a course of accutane..... Sigh. Sadly I don't live in the UK and can't go to that clinic you've used.

  2. Thank you, but there are Danné clinics world wide, all serving the same results to everybody! Everyone is trained by Susanne or Danné. I'm sure you could find a clinic in your country, check out

  3. I can't believe the difference,that's amazing!


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