Thursday, 29 November 2012

Home-care products; protect and maintain 

I have had several requests to make a post about what home products I use, the after-care of a Danné treatment. So I have decided to make a post about them! Each day I will post information about the product. Starting with Acu-Klenz.

 It's pretty simple, but it sounds complicated. I thought to my self; i'm never going to be able to have time to put all these products on when Susanne kindly introduced me to them some months ago. So when I got home with my products, I was eager to use them, they look beautiful and I couldn't wait to try them out.

It turns out that it only took 3-4 minutes to put all of the products onto my skin, which is really efficient, considering I only have 20 minutes to eat my breakfast, pack my bag, my lunch and head off to school. Obviously with time using Danné products is like second nature to me, it now only takes less then 2 minutes. It is simple.

I will start with the first product, as Danné himself said before "All the products must be used together, they don't work on their own."   And he's right, they don't.

The wash- ACU-KLENZ 

The product its self is amazing, it leaves my skin feeling that extra smooth, rubber-like to touch, it doesn't dry the skin out like other over the counter products such as a Benzyl Peroxide wash, they're harsh and i've been down that route before; it never worked and left my skin in a worse place.

Using the product;

The first product that I use, morning and night. I usually use this in the shower, it's the only product that stays in the shower at all times. To use it just simple press the lid in, turn upside down and out comes the product. Make sure you rub it into your hands a little, make a nice lather in your hands. Then this is one amazing tip for helping with your war against acne; it takes a few factors to get this right; you must be gentle, you must take time to make sure the product gets to the affected area, get an even consistency. Slowly massage the product into the skin, but don't hurt the skin, you will have to have feather touch. You will forget to do this from time to time which is normal, I do it all the time, believe me, everyone does it! Just remember from time to time, if you ever get a breakout; this will help you out a lot.

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  1. Such reviews always help me to make decision about whether I should buy the product or not. This product to me is worth trying, thank you for sharing review of it

  2. The information you have shared is useful for anyone having acne problem. The product review is also helpful. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward for more products from the same brand.


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