Saturday, 22 February 2014

Acne summit update and a chance to win a free treatment

Only one week left until the Acne Summit, there are still tickets available, it will be a fantastic opportunity for any acne sufferers wanting to find a successful treatment that they can rely on. All your  questions will be answered and also a chance to meet other patients that have had the treatment, and myself!

Here are a few points sent to me by DMK about the event:
Welcome & Event Keynote by DMK founder and industry respected Dr. Danné Montague-King  about the various causes and management of acne followed by a live audience Q&A- where sufferers will have a chance to ask Dr. KIng questions.

Case Studies – hear directly from some of our clients (including yourself- if you would like to- no pressure!) how using DMK treatments helped change their skin for the better with real before and after pictures.  

Free skin consultation by DMK’s Director of Education and Harley Street Practitioner- normally £50. The rare chance for Dr King himself to have a look at your skin-priceless!

I think that it will be exciting to meet some people that I've been in contact with for a long time over the net and to also meet new people, it will be a warming and friendly environment.

DMK are having a competition to win a free Harley Street acne treatment and 2 sets of acne bespoke home care products!! This is a fantastic opportunity as it's the same treatment that I had, it really is worth it. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at the event, 


To book ticket call 0844 800 3668
 Or Email

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Acne Summit and update!! 

To start i'd like to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my readers. I hope everyone had a good time and didn't let their bad skin interfere with having a Happy Christmas; I remember Christmas 2 years ago when my acne was pretty bad at the time and I just felt down a lot of the time. The best way to handle acne is to stay positive-- which is proven to be very difficult; there are always people to talk to about acne, and I think sometimes the worst thing is not telling someone how you feel; I remember the feeling of telling someone for the first time how I felt about my skin and instantly felt comforted, there was a sense of relief.  

Onto better news; a skin update-- my skin as of now is clear. I'm still continuing my DMK treatment-- using Acu-Klenz, Mist, Beta Gel, Moisturiser, Acu-Klear and then Retison interchangeably. I still find the treatment amazing, it's coming up to 2 years of using the treatment in May and i've been 100% satisfied. I still do get a random break-out from time-to-time, but the regime helps me get it under control.
The Klear collection; my favorite weapon of choice being Acu-Klear, I gently apply this to my skin once or twice a week. My advice would be to build up a tolerance to the Acu-Kleanz first as it can dry your skin if applied to large amount of skin. 

                         I defiantly think that stress can make my 
                         acne worse at times, especially inflammation,
                         if i'm stressed about something  or highly 
                         worried then I find that the waking morning
                         my acne becomes progressively worse.

Even more exciting news; Dr Danné Montague King will be visiting England in March,

                            Danne, Founder and CEO of Danne Montague-King Company
                            More information:

The Big Event

On Saturday the 1st of March 1.30-5.00PM, there will be an Acne Summit In London, ran by The Royal Society Of Medicine and DMK at Chandos House (details on the location at the bottom).  Ran by Danné himself, my skin therapist whom treats me; Susanne Williams will also be there. I myself will be attending, it's solely for any fellow acne sufferer or anybody that's interested in general about acne, it's treatment or trying to understand the painful disease without somewhat daunting medication that can be prescribed to my fellow acne sufferers caught in the struggle. There will be an amazing chance to ask Dr. King himself about any disorder you may have.

          There will be private consultations available after the lecture, entered by ticket holders only, costing only £10 per person. If you'd like to book a ticket please call, 08448003668.

 The talk will be taking place at The Duke Room, Chandos House, 2 Queen Anne, Street, London, w1G 9LQ.

    A function room at Chandos House. Tickets £10.

That is all from me, I haven't really wrote that much on my blog recently. I still do speak to a lot of acne sufferers that have got in contact with me and I really enjoy being able to reach out and talk to fellow sufferers. I guess the scary thing is that I still have severe acne, just I have this amazing treatment that stops it presenting it's true nature on my skin, which does frighten me at times. I really do hope that I naturally do grow out of the acne, which for most people what happens (around 21 years old) frustratingly for some acne can lead into adult life. Eerie enough acne can start to present itself past teenage-life-- some don't have acne until they are 30-40 years old! But I have the utmost trust in DMK and I've been using the products for almost 2 years now and have not been dissatisfied.

Many thanks,