Saturday, 9 March 2013

BEST ACNE HOME TREATMENT: acu masque and micro peel review: Danné (with pictures)

I've been using the micro peel and acu masque for around 8 months now, I started using them around a month or two into my treatment and I use them every 2 weeks. My thoughts are that they're both very useful products for anybody with acne, i'd recommend using them during your treatment and also after. If I have an important event, I will use the combination of the two products just to freshen my skin up. Sometimes your skin may become a little dry, flaky or just looks unhappy :( when this this happens, micro peel and acu masque are there to help! 

In this review I'm going to do a before and after using the peel with pictures that I took with a flash camera and also my computer, that will be further on in the blog!! 

How to use the products:

Step 1) Prepare the skin, to do this you will need to wash your skin with lukewarm water, this will help remove and dirt the has collected over the day.

Step 2) Use your Danné cleanser to well...cleanse the skin.

Step 3) Put a small amount of micro peel onto your finger tips, begin to sort-of massage the product into your skin, try to spread it evenly around. 

Step 4) Leave the peel on for 3-5 minutes. I leave it on for 10, ask your DMK dermatologist how long you should leave it on for, 10 is usually long enough. 
 It should look elastic.

Step 5) Remove the micro peel with water, you do not have to use cleanser to remove it, but you may if you wish.

Step 6) Once you have all the micro peel off of your skin, open your tub of acu masque, it should look like this and smell like mint! 

Step 7) Get a small amount of the acu masque and put it onto your palm, then dab small amounts onto your skin and spread it evenly.

Step 8) Wait around 20-30 minutes, again always ask your DMK dermatologist what the right amount of time for you is! The masque will get a little tighter and dryer, it's normal. Eventually it will get very dry and your face will look like this! 

Step 9) Remove the acu masque with warm water and your cleanser. You will realise that your skin will feel different; more smooth and plastic-like. 

Before and after, on the left before and right after; before i'm wearing a hoodie and after i'm wearing a jumper.

Thanks for reading. 

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