Friday, 30 November 2012

Home-care products Day2: Acu-mist 

Acu-mist is the second product that I use, everyday. It's a great product to use, similar to herb and mineral spray; the product is used to rebuild the acid mantle on the skin, it can also be used as a great moisturiser several times throughout the day.

Since you remove everything that lies on your skin with your wash, you now need to start to rebuild the skin. Doing this with Danné products means that your skin will work how it should properly, acne-prone skin doesn't work properly (Put simply). The mist creates the perfect base layer to put other products on. 

Use the spray after you've cleansed your skin with the Danné cleanser I mentioned in the previous post. Then I hold the Acu-Mist just a little less then arms length away from the body, just so your forearm and upper arm make a 90 degree angle. This means that you can get maximum coverage of the spray, it also means you don't have to spray the affected area too many times! (Saving you money & time). 

Your skin will then be primed for additional products.

From past experience; when me and Susanne first tested the make up on my skin (which I will talk about later on), my skin was a little dry, we'd use the spray on the skin prior to applying the Creme-glacé which is preliminary to the makeup. So it can act as an all-day moisturiser if your skin feels a little dry and you don't want to worry your face by putting on your moisturiser; take out your mist and spray a few times!

For a bonus the new spray smells different to herb and mineral, it's a pleasant smell to wake up to. 

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I may make a different post tomorrow about the emotional side effects of having acne. Tell me what you think. 

The next home product overview will be Beta-gel; an essential protein based gel. 

Have a pleasant weekend. Mail me if you have anything you wish to talk about, I check my computer regularly, so no doubt I won't respond!  

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Also here's a nice picture of me on BBC's Breakfast show 26/11/12, look like i'm going to cry!

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