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BEST ACNE HOME TREATMENT: acu masque and micro peel review: Danné (with pictures)

I've been using the micro peel and acu masque for around 8 months now, I started using them around a month or two into my treatment and I use them every 2 weeks. My thoughts are that they're both very useful products for anybody with acne, i'd recommend using them during your treatment and also after. If I have an important event, I will use the combination of the two products just to freshen my skin up. Sometimes your skin may become a little dry, flaky or just looks unhappy :( when this this happens, micro peel and acu masque are there to help! 

In this review I'm going to do a before and after using the peel with pictures that I took with a flash camera and also my computer, that will be further on in the blog!! 

How to use the products:

Step 1) Prepare the skin, to do this you will need to wash your skin with lukewarm water, this will help remove and dirt the has collected over the day.

Step 2) Use your Danné cleanser to well...cleanse the skin.

Step 3) Put a small amount of micro peel onto your finger tips, begin to sort-of massage the product into your skin, try to spread it evenly around. 

Step 4) Leave the peel on for 3-5 minutes. I leave it on for 10, ask your DMK dermatologist how long you should leave it on for, 10 is usually long enough. 
 It should look elastic.

Step 5) Remove the micro peel with water, you do not have to use cleanser to remove it, but you may if you wish.

Step 6) Once you have all the micro peel off of your skin, open your tub of acu masque, it should look like this and smell like mint! 

Step 7) Get a small amount of the acu masque and put it onto your palm, then dab small amounts onto your skin and spread it evenly.

Step 8) Wait around 20-30 minutes, again always ask your DMK dermatologist what the right amount of time for you is! The masque will get a little tighter and dryer, it's normal. Eventually it will get very dry and your face will look like this! 

Step 9) Remove the acu masque with warm water and your cleanser. You will realise that your skin will feel different; more smooth and plastic-like. 

Before and after, on the left before and right after; before i'm wearing a hoodie and after i'm wearing a jumper.

Thanks for reading. 

Please call/text Susanne Williams to start your Danné treatment: 07768902350
Or if you live outside the UK then check out:

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Love Will Rickard. 


  1. Hi Will, your post is soooooo helpful!!Thanks for your great posting:D
    I have few questions abt the DMK products.

    1. What products are you currently using?

     2. Im using Deep pore cleanser, Acu creme and herb mist. Should i switch to ACU klear range which sounds bit more helpful for Acne skin?

    3. Im tossing btw Betagel&Acu klear. Could you please tell me the difference btw them as you have used both?

    4. The direction of ACU Therm. Do you sleep on it?

    sooooory for the question bombing

    1. Hey! How are you getting on, I never saw this comment I'm so sorry!

      Currently using mist spray, betagel ,acne wash,moisturiser on a daily basis. Then retison and ACU klear every other day. Starting to use sebum soak and ACU masque again soon.

      Yes use the ACU klear range its all new formula, its great and doesn't contain BEnzyl Peroxide which is considered harmful(I'm not really sure about that myself!) But yeh the klear range is awesome.

      Beta Gel is a gel used to help strengthen the skin giving it essential amino acids, Danné goes into more detail about it on the website. ACU klear is a BP alternative containing salacylic acid and other anti inflammatories its really amazing for the skin I use it a lot and it helps massively.

      Acu therm yes sleep with it on, don't go out with it on lol!!

      Kind regards,any other questions please feel free to ask!


  2. Hi Will,

    Not sure of the best way to get in touch with you! I'm the mother of Rollo, a 13-year-old with severe acne and we've had one treatment so far with Susanne, in Harley Street. Next one this coming weekend. Rollo's following the home treatments religiously so we have high hopes!
    Susanne recommended a pretty severe diet too - no sugar or gluten and alkaline foods. The no sugar is not much of a problem but the no gluten and some of the other suggestions are a bit difficult (and pricey!) to follow. I was just wondering how strict you are/were with these suggestions. Especially the no gluten/wheat.

    Thanks for your time and inspiration!



    1. Hi Linda, sorry I didn't reply. Very rude of me. How are you getting on?

      All the best, kind regards, William x

  3. Hey Will, I'm hoping to get the some treatment at Harley Street, wondering how much did each session cost you??


    1. Contact Susanne Williams on
      07768 902350

      She will discus any questions regarding cost:)

  4. Hi Will, I saw you at the acne summit on Saturday and i just wanted to say thank you for putting your story out there! Acne is normally a very hush hush topic because it's quite sensitive to some people and by people knowing about your story and by events like the acne summit taking place i feel like many more people now feel that they can talk about it openly without the worry of oops should i have said that! I was wondering what home products you have had to continue with now that you have clear skin? I am near the end of having acne as i just have to have some laser treatment on my scars now and then i'm hoping i'm done with acne! I am interested in how having acne affects people psychologically and i was wondering if you think having acne will have an impact on the rest of your life? Thank you for making acne kind of cool!
    Lou x

    1. Thank you for coming I really enjoyed seeing lots of people turn up to the event! I'm glad you enjoyed it and thank you for saying all those wonderful things too kind! Home products are Acu Wash, mist spray, beta gel, moisturiser, then sometimes retison and acu klear(for occasional spots) . Well maybe not directly anymore, but I think its changed me as a person for the good, made me realise a lot of things about myself and other people, its a lesson that I had to learn the hard way! But I think now its helping me to become a better person! What about you?

      Thanks, Will.x

    2. I think having acne has made me a stronger person and when people used to bully me about it it used to get me down but i think that has made me more determined about getting it cleared and helping others who have it! I hope there will be more events like the acne summit for people to share their experiences with acne and to meet people like you who have experienced acne!

      Thanks, Lou x

      p.s. good luck with becoming a doctor!

  5. nice information will share this on my fb for my friends who need it..

  6. Have you found any experience with these combo on red marks and blemshes?

  7. Great tips! I use an all natural pain relieving power strip with Korean Red ginseng and it has worked great on clearing my acne scars as well as killing the bacteria under my skin layers!

  8. I have seen tremendous improvement and I am glad that this is working out well for you. Are you also on a strict dietary restriction? Thank you for sharing this. Cheers! - Ms. George

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  10. you look so cool now... good job

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