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How to get rid of a spot over night

How to "get rid" of a spot over night

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You've had fairly clear skin for the past week, then the day before an important event...boom a large, noticeable and degrading spot appears. This isn't a small spot, it's big, it's red, it's tinted yellow, so you can't really pop it!  It's inflamed and it's either on the end of your nose or your cheek. Everyone can see it,great.

Most people just get really worried about it, then put a cream on such as "Clearasil", which never works(In my opinion). But I have a really good way of getting rid of a spot overnight, buzzkill.

It was the day of Christmas, I was stuffing my face with food and enjoying time with my family. Later on around 9pm, I stood staring at the mirror for about 10 minutes, there it was...a giant spot on my chin. Damn I thought, the next day I was going to a boxing day party, there was going to be a lot of people there.

 A sudden migraine came on, I went to the cupboard to find a painkiller(Usual protocol for headaches). It was either paracetamol or ibuprofen. That's when it hit me, ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory, magic. So I looked up the standerd doses for my height and weight, which was 600mg every 4 hours (I'm 6"3, so anyone under that height I would check the dosage) . So I took 3x200mg every 4 hours, had to wake up at 4am to take them, I was dedicated.

Also I wouldn't recommend taking them that often as you may suffer the side effects, I am not taking any responsibility for anyone taking the ibuprofen, check with your doctor before hand, take at own risk. 

Remember it has to be ibuprofen, not paracetamol.

The next thing I did was use my Danné regime which I use everyday, then added in a few side products; Acu-Klear and Acu-Therm, both products of Danné.

I used the Acu-clear first, adding a small amount to the spot, gently rubbing it in. Leaving it to dry for a minute. 
 Then use Acu-Therm, adding a small dab to the spot, it will sting a little a first. Make sure that you mash your hands too, don't get it in your eye or anywhere that you wouldn't like to be in extreme discomfort.

Personally I love the Acu-Klear, I use it every night that I shave, it prevents any new spots and will help with any current lesion. The Acu-Therm is powerful, Danné recommends using this on spots that don't yet have a "head" yet, that cant' be popped as such. The product will do that, loosening the skin, reducing inflammation and speeding up the process. All-in-all, they're defiantly needed to combat a spot overnight.

The next day I woke up and yes! Result, the spot had almost gone, I could barely notice it. Please give it a go, even if you don't have Danné products, you can still take ibuprofen.

Another recommendation is to take a Zinc supplement, I used this a lot when my acne was bad and it did help, a lot! The actual size of the spot will decrease by a large fraction whilst taking zinc. High doses are what tended to work better, search around for what dosage would suit you. I went for around 100mg/twice a day. Take at own risk, consult a doctor before taking them. 

Anyway, I hope that this helped, have a lovely weekend. 


  1. this post is amazing, you are an inspiration to all teens! anybody who is rude to you is stupid!

  2. I've tried the ibuprofen approach before but no luck :( same with zinc!

    Think the real gem here is the acu therm. I'm still waiting to get mine but I can't wait, science behind it is amazing.

    I'm 5 treatments down now and the results are great, acne has reduced so much and there's been huge improvements on my pigmentation! Best part of my week is treatment day!

    1. I am sorry to hear, profen and zinc have helped me loads!!

      Therm is pretty good, always leaves my face red though!!

      Yeh you will get there soon, keep fighting!! x

  3. Acne is a common cosmetic condition where the skin develops areas with red color, blackheads, pimples and zits.I am affected acne. I am try to solve my acne problem in your post. Your post very helpful for me. Thanks

  4. Hi will, I took my son for a consultation and they suggested DMK for him. Just wondering how red your face is after the peel treatment and if it settles quickly for school the next day. Your story made me cry and smile and I now know a little bit about how he feels and why he doesn't want to talk about it. He's going for it so fingers crossed! Demo pushing for roaccutane, he researched and decided not to go on it, which is a relief for me.

    1. Hey, you sound awesome! Glad to know you're getting it sorted out, DMK is the best route to go down. I remember that the alkaline peel treatment which you generally don't have until a few treatments in does make your face red for a day but the day after in general should be better, a little red, but not so bad. Your first few treatments won't use such harsh (when I say harsh I mean as in making you look like a tomato after, not harsh to the skin) treatments, using an enzyme that you leave on for around 30-45 minutes and you should see vaso-dilation in other words the capillaries in the skin will expand massively and it will look like huge networks on your skin, this helps to back-flush any toxins in the skin--this lasts around 20-30 mins after.

      I'm glad i have touched a few people's hearts with my story, yeh i know that feeling too :( Just be supportive, there isn't much that anyone could have said to me that would have made me feel better in fairness, support is the best thing I had.

      I agree with your choice on the Accutane, good thinking, best to play it safe, works for some but you wouldn't want to take the risk. I refer to it as Russian Roulette, would you risk it all for clear skin?

      All the best, WILL.

    2. Hey will, thanks for your reply, your advice is greatly appreciated when he's going into the unknown!
      Had his first one today, went fine. Got the creams n stuff.
      Really hope he gets results, needs to gain his confidence again ready for college and had too many letdowns with antibiotics. Suffered for too many years :-( its time to face the future!!!!!
      Thanks again

    3. Ahh not a problem at all!! Glad to hear you are doing the treatments, let me know how he gets on! Yeh antibiotics are ok, but no life-saver really, you only really get 2 months of somewhat ok looking skin, sucks.

      Any questions please feel free to ask.


    4. Yes I will no problem. Getting a routine going, just takes 5 min extra in the bathroom. Just one question, how many treatments in did you start to notice an improvement? Obviously he wants results from day one but telling him it takes time. Sarah at fff said by the time he goes back to dermo in may we should play along that the tablets are working,ha ha! So if thats how quick it works then that's brill!
      My names Louise and I will keep you up to date with his progress.
      Cheers will,

  5. Hi Will, your post is soooooo helpful!!
    Thanks for your great posting:D
    I have few questions abt the DMK products.

    1. What products are you currently using?

    2. Im using Deep pore cleanser, Acu creme and herb mist. Should i switch to ACU klear range which sounds bit more helpful for Acne skin?

    3. Im tossing btw Betagel&Acu klear. Could you please tell me the difference btw them as you have used both?

    4. The direction of ACU Therm. Do you sleep on it?

    sooooory for the question bombing.

  6. I was looking for something like this…I found it quiet interesting, hopefully you will keep posting such blogs


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